Innovate Invision

On average, 3.1% of all children and young people have additional
needs which require an Educational Health & Care Plan (EHCP).
Yet in the absence of a universal online auditing tool, the monitoring
of the quality and consistency of EHCPs has been a challenge for local authorities.

That was until now. Innovate Psychology has developed an online EHCP quality assurance and
auditing tool, ‘Innovate Invision’.

Innovate Invision aims to provide a tool that enables local authorities to ensure children and
young people consistently receive high quality EHCPs.

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The UK’s first online EHCP QA tool

For local authorities looking for a vastly more reliable solution to EHCP quality assurance and auditing, Innovate Invision is the smart choice.


Innovate Invision enables local authorities to evaluate, record, analyse and benchmark EHCPs across the local area.


There is no more relying on cumbersome internal spreadsheets and Word documents and time-consuming processes / systems.


Ofsted and CQC – Addressing a documented area of need

Many ‘outcome letters ‘that result from local area Ofsted and CQC inspections have identified the ‘quality and consistency’ of EHCPs as an area that requires focus and development. Innovate Invision provides a tool for local authorities to address this quality assurance area.



A framework for quality assurance

Innovate Invision promotes best practice by improving insight and data. It benchmarks performance and helps deliver higher quality EHCPs that meet required standards.


Invision dashboard showing reporting graphs


Innovate Invision’s quality framework draws on relevant legislation and several well-respected good practice guides that underpin local government practice (including, Council for Disabled Children’s EHCP Good Practice Guidance, IPSEA’s EHC Plan Checklist, SEND Code of Practice).



How it works

Delivering and evidencing continuous improvement of statutory processes is far easier with Innovate Invision.


Innovate Invision assists EHCP reviewers in reaching professional judgements on the quality of plans and helps determine the service improvements required.


How it works is quite simple:


An ‘administrator’ uploads new EHCP codes to create auditor profiles to enable individuals to access and submit their judgements.


A ‘reviewer’ accesses the system to submit judgements on each child’s EHCP, recording notes and guidance as they go along.


The ‘performance manager’ runs reports with key performance information, analyses trends over time, and identifies areas for improvement. As well as overall ratings presented, the automated reports can isolate particular sections of the EHCP, specific key stages and selected primary areas of need to help a local authority gain an improved understand of their EHCP quality across different areas.


Image of the ‘performance manager’ Invision tool showing a report with key performance information



Discover a smart way to audit EHCPs

Gain far greater clarity on the quality of EHCPs in your area. With Innovate Invision you can be confident what a ‘good’ or better EHCP really looks like.



What our clients say

“The first time I used Invision EHCP, I was incredibly impressed. Helpful prompts inform what a ‘Good’ EHCP looks like, giving us much needed clarity. It has removed individual subjectivity from the quality assurance process, with every instruction enabling accurate benchmarking to give us an unbiased ‘view’ of EHCP planning.”


Kashif Nawaz, Head of Children’s Support Services at Bracknell Forest Council



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