Phil Stock.

Phil Stock BSc, PGCE, MSc

BPS chartered status
HCPC registered and RAPPS accredited

MD – Innovate Psychology/Invision


Phil brings a wealth of SEND and Inclusion services experience to Innovate Psychology, having held several leadership roles.

His previous positions include Head of Inclusion Services at a large London Borough; Principal Educational Psychologist in two London boroughs; and five years’ leadership experience in the international SEND and Inclusion arena in South East Asia.

Phil launched Innovate Psychology upon joining Innovate Services in early 2019. As a forward-thinking solution-focused leader, he works with local authorities to review, restructure and grow SEND and Inclusion services.


Phil is making a measurable impact with Innovate Psychology. This is demonstrated by the ‘pace’ of change at a local authority level. During the first Educational Psychology service delivery project at a North London Borough, strategic change occurred within three months. Under his leadership, Innovate Psychology comprehensively reviewed the relevant service and implemented concrete evidence-based changes. He embedded a quality assurance infrastructure, helped the service gain trust and credibility with local stakeholders and significantly grew the capacity through a traded service.

Offering creative solutions to long-term challenges, he has ambitious plans for Innovate Psychology to help local authorities across the UK deliver positive and measurable change in the field of SEND and Inclusion services.

Realising positive change

In his own words, Phil says “at the heart of every professional role I have ever undertaken is the belief in being able to facilitate positive change for children and young people with additional needs”.

As a personal motivation, Phil recalls growing up with his adopted brother who has additional needs and accessed his education through a specialist provision. This highlighted so many positives but also challenges that as a family they had limited opportunity to impact change. His background in local authority roles, as a teacher and an Educational Psychologist have allowed him to take a ‘person-centred’ approach with children and young people; directly supporting positive outcomes. As he entered leadership roles, he was able to impact positive change on a wider scale with children and families at the heart of co-produced service redesign.

His decision to join Innovate Services was influenced by the commitment to working in partnership with local authorities to improve service delivery and achieve positive outcomes for those children and young people.

When he’s not busy supporting clients, he loves nothing more than a sporting challenge, in particular ‘trail running’ where he recently took part in the exhausting but exhilarating ‘Man V Horse’ run in Mid-Wales.

Something that’s stayed with him since working in South East Asia for five years is his love of travel. Now having a family with three young children, he describes his travel experiences as “very different but exciting and rewarding, it’s a passion the whole family shares and the places to visit on our ‘wish list’ are endless”.