Children in Need

Making every intervention count

Proven to de-escalate up to 80% of cases, Innovate CYPS’ 14-week
Children in Need (CIN) programme significantly reduces the long-term
reliance on CIN plans, eliminates drift and identifies those children
at risk, earlier.

Each time children’s services respond quickly with an appropriate
targeted intervention, it lessens the chances of a case being escalated
to Child Protection (CP). Managed by a team of highly-experienced senior
social workers, the programme has one main aim; to make sure each
child receives the right intervention at exactly the right time.

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Sharing accountability

The CIN programme involves Innovate CYPS taking full case management of all cases, ensuring the local authority’s statutory responsibilities are met.

Our social work practitioners are supported and monitored by experienced team managers to make sure that cases are progressed within the agreed timelines. This avoids drift and safely progresses cases to step down, closure or escalating to CP as appropriate.

Of course, we realise no two local authorities are the same, even though their statutory responsibilities are. That’s why we take a deep-dive diagnostic review of your existing service to discover what your challenges are. This is so that we can co-produce a new way of working to make sure the changes we introduce at a service-level are sustainable to avoid future drift and delay.

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Being outcomes-focused, we set very clear and measurable KPIs with you, which are routinely monitored. This gives you the confidence that the programme is delivering measurable intervention to achieve sustainable change. We also appreciate that whilst KPIs are important, we will always focus on the quality of our work.

A key aspect in sustaining step down to early help is making sure all those involved with the child can deliver a SMART plan. Leaning on each other for support and holding each other to account gives them the confidence to know when a case needs to be escalated. And crucially, when it does not.

With the programme engaging multi-agency partners from the beginning, we have a proven track-record of successfully de-escalating up to 80% of families within the project timeframe (where it is assessed as being safe and the correct outcome for the child).

Who we’ve helped

We couldn’t be where we are today, making the difference we do – on the ground and at a
service management level – without the commitment from our local authority clients.

Our methodology

Whilst we provide extra resource for local authorities, our CIN programme is not just about increasing capacity. It is about giving you the headspace and support to reframe entire CIN services through introducing intensive intervention. This is where our CIN Programme is different to any other solution.

To read about how our CIN Programme made an immediate impact within one of our local authority clients head to our insights page.

Innovate Services, children in need, CIN plans, children at risk, avoid future drift & delay, intensive intervention, full case management

Discover a new way of working

We’ll help you review your CIN cases so that you can confidently reduce your backlog of cases and reliance on long-term CIN plans, eliminate drift and identify those children at risk, earlier.

Book a free half-day diagnostic visit from senior members of our team, who will take an objective look at your existing services and walk you through how the programme could resolve your issues.

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