A step-change from traditional children’s social work, SEND, and inclusion services delivery…


In favour of a far more agile approach that promotes better outcomes and exceptional cost-savings.

Reshaping children’s social work and psychology services

As a critical friend to local authorities, Innovate Services gives children’s social work and psychology services teams the support and headspace to explore new and innovative models of practice.

This means not only being ready with reliable support when you most need it. But also using our wide-ranging expertise to review your service delivery objectively and thoroughly. Looking at your practice models and processes through a new lens, to achieve sustainable change.

Outcome focused

Our highly-experienced social work and SEND senior leadership team understand the challenges you face and how to overcome them. Through our outcomes-focused, flexible
and scalable business models, we can provide a fully managed resource
to ensure you meet your statutory obligations.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We’ll work with you to tackle your service challenges with pinpoint precision, providing valuable insight and impetus to help drive service improvements and secure better outcomes for children and young people, whilst generating considerable cost savings
and traded income for SEND services.

Our Services

It’s simple. With Innovate Services, sustainable positive outcomes cost less.

Children’s Services

Our highly experienced team will help you find sustainable solutions to complex challenges. From the most severely compromised CIN services, to spiraling edge of care service needs and high-cost placements.

Psychology Services

Step away from traditional SEND and Inclusion service delivery in favour of an invest-to-save environment. Where SEND and inclusion services demonstrate better outcomes, exceptional cost-savings and increased capacity to grow traded income.

Innovate Invision

The UK's first EHCP quality assurance and auditing tool, ‘Innovate Invision’ enables local authorities to ensure children and young people consistently receive high quality EHCPs. Be confident what a ‘good’ or better EHCP really looks like.

What our clients say

“The multi-agency working has been very effective and resulted in positive outcomes for young people. The intervention has been child-focused throughout and intensive work with families has meant that many cases have been stepped down and the continued support from Innovate CYPS (‘light touch’) has supported families in sustaining changes.”

Anne Stoker, Director of Children and Family Services and Principal Social Worker, Enfield Council

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Who we’ve helped

We couldn’t be where we are today, making the difference we do – on the ground and at a
service management level – without the commitment from our local authority clients.

Discover a new way of working

Nobody understands your services better than you. That’s why working with Innovate Services is a partnership. We’ll help you reframe services so that you can clearly understand your critical pain-points and what level of it is avoidable.

Book a free half-day diagnostic visit from senior members of our team, who will take an objective look at your existing infrastructure and performance outcomes.

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Service Insights

Safeguarding services for the future requires a very specific mindset. One that’s prepared to explore new ways of working. Discover how local authorities across the country are using the resources they already have in a far more productive way.

Innovate Insights