We are finding creative solutions to improve the lives of children and their families.


A step-change from traditional children’s social work, SEND, and inclusion services delivery.

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Positive outcomes for children, cost saving for local authorities

Innovate Services is a practice-led service, and we are the preferred accountable choice for local authorities looking for improvement journeys.

We identify better, more efficient ways of delivering children’s social work, children’s residential, and foster carer services.

Often, this means we are brought in as a partner at the most challenging of times.

Local authorities view us as a trusted long-term social work service delivery partner, every client who has strategically enlisted our help has re-engaged due to our quality in practice.

Recently, we saved one local authority £18,000 per week while improving outcomes.

Our Services

It’s simple. With Innovate Children’s Services, sustainable positive outcomes cost less. Understand the Services at Innovate using the links below.

Children in Need

Do you need support in progressing your current child in need cases?

Innovate CYPS’ 14-week Children in Need (CIN) programme significantly reduces the long-term reliance on CIN plans, eliminates drift and identifies those children at risk, earlier.

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Duty & Assessment

Are you looking for more capacity within your duty and assessment team to clear a backlog of cases?

Or do you reprieve to look at a service restructure? We can help by managing cases coming in for referral and assessment.

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Edge of Care

Do you need support to reduce your Edge of Care costs and breaking the cycle of care?

Our award-winning solution brings statutory social work and multidisciplinary support together to deliver sustainable positive outcomes and huge cost-savings.

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High-Cost Placements

Do you need support to secure better outcomes for children with complex needs?

We can support you in providing a sustainable alternative by managing cases to identify suitable stable placements or by taking children and young people through our residential Innovate Therapeutic Care programme.

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Discharge of Care

Do you have a high number of children at home on care orders that you need support in reducing?

Innovate can support you by reducing your children-looked-after (CLA) numbers and create direct cost-savings.

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Do you need additional support due to further requirements around capacity to manage your most complex cases?

We provide extra capacity to handle incoming cases and/or to work those that may have drifted, and introduce proven sustainable longer-term solutions to reduce the risk of drift and delay.

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Children with Disabilities

Do you need support to manage your current cohort of children with disabilities?

Innovate CYPS’ 14-week Children with Disabilities programme reduces costs whilst identifying new care pathways for children, young people and their families.

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Service Auditing

How confident are you that you know the quality of your service?

In complex children’s social work environments, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of under-performance. Whether you’re preparing for Ofsted or are on an improvement journey, knowing what ‘Good’ looks like is important.

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  • Children in Need
  • Duty & Assessment
  • Edge of Care
  • High-Cost Placements
  • Discharge of Care
  • Safeguarding
  • Children with Disabilities
  • Service Auditing

What our clients say

“Some of the cases Innovate CYPS’ social workers managed were very complex – they’ve made a hugely positive impact in those children’s lives. We’ve soaked up the knowledge and approach of Innovate CYPS’ auditors and practitioners.

“As a service, we’re also in a much better place. Our auditing process shows that service quality has been consistently improving.”

Dawn Alaszewski, Head of Children’s Services, North East Lincolnshire Council

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Who we’ve helped

We couldn’t be where we are today, making the difference we do – on the ground and at a
service management level – without the commitment from our local authority clients.