Discharge of Care / Conversion to SGO

Securing permanence and reducing costs

Do you have a high number of children at home on care orders that you need
support in reducing? Innovate can support you by reducing your
children-looked-after (CLA) numbers and create direct cost-savings.

Securing permanence is at the heart of our solution; providing children and young people
with a lasting safe environment. Our 26-week structured model involves us
taking case holding responsibility for an agreed number of Children Looked-After (CLA) cases.
Cases that are specifically assessed as being suitable for discharge of care
and/or conversion to Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs) in order to provide
greater security and a firmer foundation.

We make the discharge of care order proceedings run efficiently and secure a place
of permanence for children whilst reducing CLA numbers.

Innovate Services, discharge of care, child-centred approach, PWP cases, special guardianship orders

A structured model

Our specialist team of social workers are experienced at safely handling discharge of care orders on PWP cases or seeking Special Guardianship Orders. They take a child-centred approach that thoroughly assesses the short and long-term needs of the child.

We work closely with partner agencies and organisations to diligently
progress each plan, including:
• Legal Services
• Cafcass
• The Independent Reviewing Service
• The Judiciary

Each decision is meticulously evidenced to enable the smooth discharge of care.

An evidence-based approach

We are meticulous at gathering the right evidence to support the right plan for the child.

From day one of the project we begin gathering all relevant documentation to prevent delay later in the process. This allows time for close communication with all involved with each child or young person to ensure evidence is ready for court and everyone has had an input into a robust plan of support; whether this be an SGO support plan or a Child In Need / Early Help step down plan of continued support for the family.

Innovate Services, discharge of care, child-centred approach, PWP cases, special guardianship orders

Discharge of Care/Conversion to SGO at Blackpool Council

The results:

86 children exited care
250 single assessments carried out
238 children allocated

“Our partnership with Innovate services provided a fresh look into our discharge of care provision.

“Innovate’s legacy leaves structure where there was once disarray, and a team focussed on ensuring Blackpool’s safeguarded children a place of permanence.”

Dawn Goodall, Head of Service for Legal, Blackpool Council

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