Duty & Assessment

A fully-managed service you can trust

We can help by managing cases coming in for referral and assessment.

Our duty social workers are overseen by highly-experienced social work
managers and a comprehensive business support team.

There is no ‘handing over’ to Innovate CYPS, we work closely together
with existing staff to strengthen services that are already good, and
discover new ways to release savings and improve efficiency.

Our legacy work means staff soak up our knowledge, and together we
build a clear improvement plan.

Innovate Services, duty & assessment, children's social work, S47 enquiries, statutory timescales

A responsive, scalable solution

Before Innovate CYPS recommends a duty and assessment solution, we take a diagnostic review of the existing service. We consider the local authority data set over the past 12 months. This gives us an indication of the likely future number of referrals. From there, we tailor our model to meet your local requirements.

We also provide continuous assessment and regular reporting on our performance, so that you confidently know cases are being progressed within the agreed timescales.

What makes us different?

With first-hand experience at your front door, we help you co-produce a new way of working. One that permanently prevents drift and delay to secure better outcomes for children.

As part of our legacy, we use SMART business planning to embed best practice and upskill your existing staff.

This means, we can make a positive contribution to your service improvement plans.

Innovate Services, duty & assessment, children's social work, S47 enquiries, statutory timescales

Duty & Assessment at Bradford

When Bradford Children’s Social Care approached Innovate CYPS at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in November 2020, its existing duty and assessment service was facing inordinate pressure. There was an urgent need for additional capacity within its Integrated Front Door service to safeguard children coming in for referral.

“The project was executed seamlessly, from beginning to end. It was a pleasure getting to know the team and we are thankful for all their support.”

Nabeel Hussain, Head of Service, Integrated Front Door, Bradford Children’s Social Care

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