Duty & Assessment

A fully-managed service you can trust

Handing your front door over to an external team of managers and
social work practitioners requires a great deal of trust. We
understand this. Taking full case responsibility of coming in
for referral and assessment only works if you can be confident your
local authority’s statutory responsibilities are being met and cases
are being progressed to agreed timescales. For a start, you need a
delivery partner that is capable and experienced with using your
exact local authority risk model.

In our experience, local authorities that are most successful at
permanently addressing duty and assessment drift and delay give
themselves the headspace to co-produce a new, far more sustainable

Innovate Services, duty & assessment, children's social work, S47 enquiries, statutory timescales

Making sure children receive the help they need, quicker

If you are struggling, like many other local authorities, with an insurmountable number of cases coming in for referral and assessment, the likelihood of cases escalating to CP increases, which can later see an increase in the number of children looked after. But there is a way forward.

Instantly improve the efficiency of your front door

Innovate CYPS’ team of experienced social workers and social work managers can act as a ‘Duty Service’ or clear a backlog of cases, depending on your need. We’ll complete assessments and s47 enquiries on any number of cases within statutory timescales.

Who we’ve helped

We couldn’t be where we are today, making the difference we do – on the ground and at a
service management level – without the commitment from our local authority clients.

A responsive, scalable solution

Before we recommend a referral and assessment solution, we take a diagnostic review of your existing service. We consider your data set over the past 12 months. This gives us an indication of the likely future number of referrals. From there, we tailor our model to meet your local requirements.

We also provide continuous assessment and regular reporting on our performance, so that you confidently know cases are being progressed within the agreed timescales.

Where we really differ as a social work delivery partner though, is in our knowledge transfer. With first-hand experience at your front door, we can help you co-produce a new way of working. One that permanently prevents drift and delay to secure better outcomes for children and young people.

Innovate Services, duty & assessment, children's social work, S47 enquiries, statutory timescales

Let us take the pressure off

We’ll give you the capacity, support and reprieve you need to reframe your duty and assessment process so that it is far more responsive and sustainable.

Book a free half-day diagnostic visit from senior members of our team, who will explore how Innovate CYPS’ fully-managed duty and assessment team could work for you.

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