High-Cost Placements

A sustainable alternative to high-cost placement

Securing better outcomes for children with complex needs, increasing
your in-house foster service provision and reducing your high-cost
placement budget, may seem beyond reach.

But there is a way of achieving this through a multidimensional foster
care placement model. A model that aims to keep children and young
people with complex needs out of high-cost placement and within
suitable in-house foster care or alternative accommodation such as
semi-supported living for 16 to 17-year-olds if deemed the right option
for the young person.


The needs of children and young people can only be met if they live in care environments that provide the highest quality of care and support; both physical and emotional. Being social work-led, our high-cost placement model focuses on placing children with complex needs into therapeutic foster care placements or supported living by supporting foster carers to understand the child’s lived experience.

By increasing the number of in-house foster care for those children, our local authority clients see a vast reduction in accommodation and placement costs.

A multidisciplinary approach

Bringing statutory social work and multidisciplinary support together, we identify, assess and recruit foster carers. Those who can be supported to offer placements for children with more complex needs.

We take full case holding responsibility for up to 30 children at a time. Our team of experienced senior social workers, specialist family support youth workers and therapists, works intensively with each child as well as their foster carer and parents (where applicable). They identify their care needs whilst offering specialist support to each foster carer (and parents as applicable).

When we transfer case responsibility back to the local authority, we do so with a vastly improved in-house foster service provision that continues to keep placement costs lower.

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Who we’ve helped

We couldn’t be where we are today, helping foster carers create the right environment for the most vulnerable children and young people, without the commitment from our local authority clients.

Who we’ve helped

We couldn’t be where we are today, making the difference we do – on the ground and at a
service management level – without the commitment from our local authority clients.

Our methodology

There are many providers that recruit foster carers. But how many take full case holding responsibility whilst they identify, assess, recruit and support foster carers to create just the right environment for children with complex needs? This is where our model is unique.

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