High-Cost Placements

A sustainable alternative to high-cost placements

Securing better outcomes for children with complex needs, increasing your in-house foster service provision and reducing your high-cost placement budget, may seem beyond reach.

But there is a way of achieving this. Our work aims to keep children and young people with complex needs out of high-cost placement and within suitable foster care or supported independent care. Or if family reunification is possible, with their families.

We do this in one of two ways. Either by managing cases to identify suitable stable placements or by taking children and young people through our residential Innovate Therapeutic Care programme.

Innovate Services, high-cost placements, children & young people with complex needs, in-house foster care

Securing better placement outcomes

There are many providers that recruit foster carers. But how many identify, assess, recruit, and support foster carers to create just the right therapeutic environment for children with complex needs? This is where our approach is different.

Bringing statutory social work and multidisciplinary support together, we work intensively with each child and their carer to promote placement stability.

We identify and assess foster carers who we know have the capability to understand the child’s lived experience and help them develop the skills and resilience to support the young person in their care.

A flexible approach

With our help, local authorities can reduce placement moves, give children and young people a sense of belonging, enhance their internal pool of foster carers and reduce Children Looked-After (CLA) costs.

Our multidisciplinary team can take on the case management of looked after children and match them with therapeutic foster carers. Or, you might prefer to maintain case management responsibility and concentrate our efforts on providing therapeutic short-term residential care that seeks to transition children out of high-cost placements and into a secure stable family environment.

Innovate Therapeutic Care (residential care)

Our Innovate Therapeutic Care programme supports children and young people in journeying from high-cost residential care to safe and secure place of permanency. Our multidisciplinary team works therapeutically with children and young people in our residential care.  When they leave and exit our programme of outreach support, their placement or reunification is far less likely to break down.

By the end of the 16-week programme, children and young people are settled into their new placement and their carers are best equipped to make the placement a success.

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Innovate Services, high-cost placements, children & young people with complex needs, in-house foster care

Discover a new way of working

By increasing the number of in-house foster care for those children, our local authority clients see a significant reduction in accommodation and placement costs.

To find out how we could help reduce CLA numbers in your local authority, please book a free half-day diagnostic visit from senior members of our team.

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