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84% of schools within the local authority are now purchasing EPS support


67% and 33%

67% 'agreed' & 33% 'strongly agreed' that the Innovate Psychology review positively informed future practice



Directly engaged with 54% of all schools within the local authority to inform the service review

Innovate Services, educational psychology, EP, comprehensive service review, traded EPS offer, Bracknell Forest Council, case study

The challenge

Bracknell Forest’s Educational Psychology Service (EPS) had introduced a new Service Level Agreement (SLA) but they were finding it challenging to deliver. Although consultations and discussions occurred ahead of the introduction of the SLA, the clarity about the new model, it was not as comprehensive as the local authority or school community would have expected.

The EPS offer had remained constant for a period of time and the local authority was now seeking clearer strategic focus on growth, budgets and service delivery for the future. With increased demands, financial pressures on service budgets and less EP capacity, Bracknell Forest invited Innovate Psychology to objectively review the service and co-produce a plan that would allow the EPS to grow and respond to local need.

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Our approach

The council needed to implement a development plan that would provide clear direction on how the service could move forward. A plan that would address its capacity concerns as well as the issues around the delivery of the traded offer.

The co-produced plan would act as a road map to address highlighted issues and outline how the service could grow.

Innovate Psychology started by taking a ‘deep dive’ review into the service. We reviewed the council’s time allocation model, team structure, balance between statutory and non-statutory services and the delivery of the traded offer. This involved collating and analysing feedback from workshops and surveys in partnership with the council’s managers and senior leaders. To facilitate the self-assessment process, we used a self-assessment feedback and a Quality Standards Framework. This enabled us to review various aspects of the service and provide the council with a baseline to monitor and measure progress with regards to service development.

Innovate Services, educational psychology, EP, comprehensive service review, traded EPS offer, Bracknell Forest Council, case study

A service review

We prepared a detailed and comprehensive service review exploring and evaluating the following areas:

– Capacity of existing EPS, time allocation model and the efficient use of staffing resource
– Existing staffing structure
– Budget and income generation
– Traded EPS offer
– Consistency of EP support and advice provided by the service (moderation of EP reports)
– Quality assurance measures currently implemented and the impact on the EPS outcomes and development plans
– Existing service guidelines and policies
– Standards of service delivery

Strategic planning

The service review included stakeholders, the EP team and senior leadership to ensure any development plans were evidence-based and bespoke to Bracknell Forest Council. Utilising the evidence from the review, Innovate Psychology and Bracknell Forest developed a three-year strategic plan to improve service delivery and increase the capacity of the team within existing budget parameters.

Innovate Services, educational psychology, EP, comprehensive service review, traded EPS offer, Bracknell Forest Council, case study

The results

With an improved level of understanding, there is now confidence that a number of long-standing issues can be addressed. The Team have all bought into the proposals and senior leaders are working with Innovate Psychology and the EPS to embed and oversee progress towards achieving the medium-term objectives.

“The strategic long-term planning that Innovate Psychology have provided, has allowed us to clearly map out how we meet our community’s needs and grow the capacity of our EP and inclusion services.”

“I would recommend Innovate Psychology without hesitation. Whether you are an LA with a thriving service and are looking to further refine the impact it could have or are overseeing a period of review and development for your teams, you would equally benefit from working in partnership with them. Their approach is always methodical and systemic leading to conversations and outcomes which are relevant, visionary and sustainable. They understand the world of local authorities and have an established track record of achieving success.”

Kashif Nawaz, Head of Children’s Support Services, Bracknell Forest Council

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What our clients say

“Innovate Psychology provided a review of the current service model delivery and contributed to a development plan to ensure both the vision and infrastructure exist to achieve our goals.”

Kashif Nawaz, Head of Children’s Support Services, Bracknell Forest Council

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