Emma Blakemore

Emma Blakemore.

MD of Children's Services

Why NCASC is the best place to be…

What an incredible three days we experienced last week. Every year the National Children and Adult Services Conference (NCASC) is planned to perfection and this year didn’t disappoint.

The conference was a great opportunity to hear the latest news and views from across local government. What struck us was the familiarity of the challenges that persist in the complex world of social work and SEND services.

For our Innovate CYPS’ and Innovate Psychology teams, it was a great opportunity to speak with directors, members and other colleagues about our service solutions to those problems.

With our local authority clients’ permission, we were able to speak openly and honestly about how we have supported them in making big changes to children’s social work and SEND and Inclusion services.

Response to our new services

Our newest services, including our Edge of Care and Educational Psychology solutions, attracted a great deal of attention. Directors were keen to learn how we are working with local authorities to tackle some of the most difficult social work, SEND and Inclusion service-delivery challenges.

Firing-up the competition

But by far the most exciting part of the four days was the attention gained by our fiercely competitive interactive iPad reactions-game. Participants had the chance of winning £1,000 for their chosen charity.

We’re delighted to announce that Councillor Ian Lindley from North East Lincolnshire Council managed to match the highest number of words to colours, topping the leader board with a score of 21!

Ian chose the NSPCC as his charity, to which we will donate £1,000 to the North East Lincolnshire branch!

We’d like to say a massive thank you to the event organisers and to those who stopped by to talk to our heads of service and directors.

If you didn’t get time to see us though, we would be delighted to come and meet you to explain more about our work.

Contact us on 0330 9000 100.

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