Psychology Consultancy

A roadmap to reframing SEND and Inclusion services.

Given the complex nature of SEND and Inclusion services,
it can be difficult to identify opportunities for growing frontline services,
especially when faced with unprecedented increase in demand.
Innovate Psychology’s senior SEND and Inclusion experts understand this.

That’s why local authority’s invite us to take a ‘deep-dive’ thematic review
of their services to offer the insight required to help improve standards,
relieve capacity issues and grow a traded income.

Innovate Services, psychology consultancy, comprehensive service review, Ofsted & CQC SEND inspection framework

A deep-dive analytical approach

Whilst we work to the Ofsted and CQC SEND inspection framework to review current practice and improve service delivery, our consultative review goes deeper than this.

We look at the themes and patterns through a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis. As a consultancy service, we prepare a detailed and comprehensive service review. We look at the capacity of your current services, your time allocation model and the efficient use of staffing resource. We consider your existing staff structure, budget and income generation, the quality and consistency of support offered as well as your existing service guidelines and policies. From there, we make recommendations on the improvements that could be made and where the opportunities are for you to grow (potentially through a traded income model).

Empowering teams.

The resulting plan clearly maps out the short, medium and long-term objectives with recommendations to meet your local community needs and grow the capacity of your SEND and Inclusion services.

There’s a real sense of ownership over the plan with a renewed vision for moving forward. With an improved level of understanding, you’ll have the confidence and tools to address long-standing issues that have hindered the capacity and growth of your frontline services.

Innovate Services, psychology consultancy, comprehensive service review, Ofsted & CQC SEND inspection framework

Discover a new way of working.

Whether you’re experiencing capacity issues and need a better way of dealing with an increase in demand, or your focus is on strengthening your existing model to increase your traded income, we can help.

Book a free half-day diagnostic visit from senior members of our team, who will take an objective look at your existing services and walk you through how the programme could resolve your issues.

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