Enhance the pace of action with statutory plans

Our safeguarding solution provides extra capacity to handle
incoming cases and/or to work those that may have drifted.
This involves us taking case holding responsibility for those agreed
to be within the scope, including CP, CIN, CLA Care Proceedings and PLO cases.
Meanwhile we explore, with you, ways of leaving the service in a much better
place through the transfer of skills and knowledge.

Early intervention is at the heart of the way we work. By enhancing
the pace of action, our social work-led team of practitioners
quickly progress statutory plans. With robust evidence-based
assessments, outcomes improve, change is sustainable and long-term
complex cases are no longer characterised by drift and delay.

Innovate Services, safeguarding, evidence-based assessments, early intervention, social work-led, statutory responsibilities

Sharing accountability

Experience matters

We have experience of meeting statutory responsibilities in agreed timescales so that children receive the right intervention and support at just the right time.

A collaborative approach

Working closely with your own practitioners, our team will carry out robust and evidence-based assessments; parenting assessments, viability assessments, sibling assessments and risk assessments.

Case management reviews

A highly experienced Innovate CYPS social work project manager will complete case management reviews and record management oversight on a child’s record. They also provide regular reflective supervision.

Our in-house support team track the progress of cases against KPIs and provide quality assurance to ensure cases are on track and the work is of a good standard.

A responsive, scalable solution

We consider your case volumes and what the anticipated number of incoming cases is likely to be. We also thoroughly review, where relevant, any Ofsted recommendations for improvement. From there, we tailor our model to meet your local requirements.

Where we really differ as a social work delivery partner though, is in the legacy we leave behind. With experience of working within your safeguarding service, we’re able to offer you insights others cannot. Insights that identify exactly where your service pinch points are and how drift and delay can be resolved for the long-term.

Innovate Services, safeguarding, evidence-based assessments, early intervention, social work-led, statutory responsibilities

Safeguarding at Lancashire County Council

“Your approach has always been based on a ‘can-do’ attitude and your helpful, responsive manner has made things work so smoothly. Thank you for the invaluable support you have given to my teams.”

Senior Manager, Children’s Social Care, Lancashire County Council

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