Kerry Robertson.

Kerry Robertson BA Hons, MA

Assistant Director – Innovate Therapeutic Care


As Assistant Director at Innovate Services, Kerry is responsible for overseeing Innovate Services’ therapeutic practice.

During her 16 years’ experience, Kerry supported children recovering from early years trauma in various settings. This involved working closely with children and colleagues in residential care, foster care, and schools. As such, she is a keen advocate for play therapy and therapeutic care.

In her own words, Kerry believes that “every opportunity should be a therapeutic opportunity.”

Before joining Innovate Services in December 2020, she worked at the Family Care Group for 16 years. It was here, in her first therapist role, where Kerry realised the immense importance of play therapy. Training as a Filial coach, she created play therapy sessions to help children and foster carers better connect and build attachments.

She also trained residential carers, education staff, and foster care teams to embed therapeutic techniques as part of their practice.

In the two years before joining Innovate Services, Kerry was the Lead Therapeutic Practitioner at the Group. Overseeing therapeutic care across three services, she embedded a robust and systemic therapeutic care model.

Now, as Therapeutic Lead at Innovate Services, she ensures that every process, structure, and decision is therapeutic. With the entire team’s commitment, Innovate Services is on a journey to create the best possible therapeutic care for children in care.

This commitment takes constant learning, which is something Kerry is particularly passionate about. She holds over ten certificates in various play therapy qualifications, including an MA in Practice Based Play Therapy. She is also a keen educator, and in 2013 Kerry became a Course Director delivering a Play Therapy course as an associate member of Leeds Beckett University, where she taught 1st year MA students until 2017.

Today, she uses her experience as a practitioner, manager, and educator to support everyone at Innovate in taking a therapeutic approach.

When she is not busy supporting others, Kerry enjoys spending time with her young family, just playing and being creative. She also loves the outdoors, and so can often be found exploring the countryside and walking her dog, Harvey, who she says, “listens to me, and just lets me talk away to help clear my mind!”