Ray Chim.

Raymond Chim

Head of Data Strategy and Intelligence


As Head of Data Strategy and Intelligence, Ray, as he’s known to clients and colleagues, draws on many years’ experience in data analytics and information management to track performance and strengthen our services.

Ray has a real passion for using data to gain valuable, and most importantly, measurable service insights, he knows precisely how to gather the right information to drive ongoing improvements.

A strong career in data and social services

Before Ray joined us in late 2021, he was Director of Information for another private social care services company. Among his many responsibilities, he looked after the data analysis, information management and data protection needs of the business, as well as the IT needs of more than 1300 computer users.

Ray spent 6-years at Birmingham City Council’s Children’s Services Directorate as Senior Information Manager, where he was responsible for delivering a wide range of critical service improvement projects and investigations. Today, his role at Innovate Services enables him to make full use of both skills and experience.

Ray says, “With Innovate Services now supporting a rising number of local authorities, it’s an exciting place to work, more than two hundred social workers input information into our databases every single day and part of my role is to take that information and to turn it into something of real value, whether that’s recognising and celebrating success or using it to learn and improve.”

Ray works closely with our Head of Quality Assurance and supports other senior members of the team in developing robust data analyses on our service performance.

Social care in the blood

Aside from the role being tailormade for Ray, his other motivation for joining Innovate Services is quite personal. Ray has always worked in the social care sector and it’s something he fondly links to his upbringing. Ray’s parents ran a small residential care home for adults and so he grew up caring for, and supporting others before leaving to study Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, where his love for data interpretation began.