Service Auditing

View your services through a new lens

In a complex social care environment, it can be difficult to pinpoint
the exact causes of under-performance. After all, there are very few areas
with a direct link between cause and effect. We take a thematic approach
with our 12-week managed service auditing service; offering insights to
improve entire services and individual practitioner case work.

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A deep-dive analytical approach

Whilst we can establish where service areas are ‘good’ or ‘require improvement’, our approach to children’s services case auditing goes deeper than this. Our auditors look at the themes and patterns that can be seen through the qualitative and quantitative analysis of individual cases to pinpoint the exact causes for case drift and delay.

Diagnostic approach

Based on-site for an agreed number of days per week, our auditors take a thorough look at an agreed number of cases which they will examine to determine if there are any practice issues present They devise remedial action plans for every case file audit undertaken using a RAG rating system. This is tracked by our auditor with a maximum of five days for social workers or team managers to complete remedial actions.

Who we’ve helped

We couldn’t be where we are today, making the difference we do – on the ground and at a
service management level – without the commitment from our local authority clients.

Data-informed case management improvements

Weekly data reports are provided so that you can identify the number of audits completed, the teams the case belongs to, case type and grading.

Additionally, monthly reports are generated that identify trends, themes, patterns, quality of practice and impact of intervention. Our auditors will share these findings and lessons learnt with you and your workforce improvement team. They’ll also focus on upskilling and mentoring internal staff on how to improve the quality of their own case file audits which will then facilitate better outcomes and develop the staff groups own individual skills, knowledge and overall performance.

Innovate Services, service auditing, ofsted inspections, reviewing case files, social work auditors, RAG rating system

Supporting better outcomes.

Whether you’re preparing for an Ofsted inspection and want to confidently know your teams’ case work is of a consistently high quality, or you know improvements are needed but want to discover exactly where your case quality issues are, a thematic managed service audit will give you the answers. It’ll equip you and your staff with the skills and knowledge to improve case work to secure better outcomes for children and young people.

To discover more about our service audit offering, please contact us. We’ll happily meet to discuss how we could help.

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